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​Imagine a standing frame that can be unlocked
to provide body sway on a fixed platform, ju​st like balancing in the real world.
That's the concept behind ACP's new OmniStand Dynamic Balance System. It frees therapis​​ts to focus on
challenging patients, instead of just providing manual, physical support.

The OmniStand takes static standing frames a step ahead, providing adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients while keeping them safely supported. Finally, using this physical therapy equipment, ​therapists have the confidence and freedom to work wi​th patients one-on-one to provide effective, progressive balance and pre-gait training, cues, and encouragement. 

The OmniStand can also be used in conjunction with other physical therapy equipment such as ACP's OmniVR®, adding a multitude of skilled therapeutic exercises designed to improve functional abilities. 




Therapist comments from OmniStand Trials:

“It got some patients out of a comfort zone that limited their progress. They could safely try something and succeed with the support the OmniStand provided.”

“Patient time in standing exponentially increased, and I was able to significantly reduce my co-treat minutes.”

“I was able to safely work one-on-one with my patient without the need of an additional aide.”

“Works well to free up my hands to provide postural cues and correction.”​

The next step in balance training is here. 



(shown with optional accessories)


OmniStand levers.jpg
Adjustable resistance / sway 
to safely challenge patients



Complements ACP's OmniVR to increase
therapeutic challenges, duration and repetition

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