Assisted Living Facilities

Improving occupancy, reducing the need for higher levels of care, and enhancing residents’ quality of life are all important goals for Assisted Living Facilities. ACP’s proven, modality-based clinical programs enable Assisted Living Facilities and their Rehabilitation Providers to offer advanced therapy services for a broader resident population and more medically complex conditions. Fifteen years in development, ACP’s proven medical technology, comprehensive clinical programs and on-site therapist training are employed by thousands of facilities nationwide.

Improve Outcomes and Enhance Quality Of Life

  • Improve treatment outcomes and enhance functional gains
  • Enhance patient care, quality of life, and independence
  • Introduce new treatment options for patients who have reached a plateau in their progress or have not responded to traditional therapy interventions
  • Treat complex conditions that may not respond to traditional therapy techniques alone, such as urinary incontinence, wounds and neuromuscular conditions
  • Provide effective treatment options for other prevalent geriatric conditions including fall risk, functional decline, pain management, joint replacement, and knee osteoarthritis

Introduce Specialized Treatment Programs to Differentiate Your Facility

  • Expand therapy services with treatment options for a broader range of conditions
  • Create new referral sources and build occupancy
  • Create differentiation in the community beyond facility amenities, location and cost
ACP Wheel Chart