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The Leading Remote Healthcare Platform.

Decrease patient monitoring burdens, support post-discharge management and reduce readmissions.

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OmniVitals MonitorMonitor

  • Continuous, ICU-grade passive vital signs monitoring (SpO2, PR, RR, Temp, Activity).
  • Seamless connectivity with option to add best-in-class devices such as weight management
    and spirometry.
  • Close the gap between providers and patients in post-acute care.



OmniVitals AnalyzeAnalyze

  • A single, clinical dashboard to review all patients, grouped by risk.
  • Smart alerts based on changes in risk to allow for earlier intervention.
  • Advanced reporting with deep analytics to identify patient risk trends in order to intervene and improve outcomes.



OmniVitals EngageEngage

  • Fully integrated video check-in capability to support face-to-face engagement between clinical staff and patients.
  • Chatbot feature that enables customizable interactions while monitoring patients.
  • Advanced symptom tracking and questionnaires.



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