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Your Restorative Nursing Program and ACP


ACP’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies and clinical education education offerings help your facility develop a Restorative Nursing Program and enhance your patients’ functional outcomes. Whether your facility’s Restorative Nursing Program supplements or follows-up skilled therapy services, coordination of care between nursing and rehabilitation is key to optimizing clinical outcomes and patient experience.

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These ACP Rehabilitation Technologies support the following restorative nursing services:


ACP Clinical Support and Education 

ACP university for RNP

info-graphic RNP

600+ Online CEU Courses for Therapists, Nurses, and Administrators

program implementation

Program Implementation and Consultation by 100+ Expert PTs, OTs, and SLPs

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On-site and Real Time Support


Why is a Restorative Nursing Program an important component under PDPM?

The provision of Restorative Nursing services factors in the calculation for two of the hierarchical categories – the Behavioral Symptoms and Cognitive Performance category and the Reduced Physical Function category – under the Nursing component of the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM).


Restorative nursing services provided for 15 or more minutes a day is tracked for the following:

RNP code table

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